The 3rd GCC HVAC Summit introduces the Awards to recognize organizations that not only have their own comprehensive track record, but those that have also contributed towards the regional and international HVAC development in various categories for residential & commercial buildings. The awards also aims to exemplify extraordinary leadership in their internal response to government initiatives, their projects & outcomes, but also their dedication and engagement of their peers, partners, and supply chain of an organization along with individual performances.


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Criteria for Nomination Submission

10-12 page maximum description of the organisation expertise including product line, key advancements in existing products, and innovation in products or upcoming products aligned with HVAC standards of the emirates/GCC.
You will have to showcase documented proof of your products installed in new projects, or retrofitted in residential & commercial infrastructure with implemented standards in the building and key data in relation to these points.
Provide Official documentation showing proof product's certification.
5-10 maximum images to be submitted of the project/building in which your product was installed or retrofitted.
Entrants are eligible from architects, clients, building contractors, consultants, property management, developers and building proprietors and suppliers of energy management solutions, construction materials, water management materials.
You may apply to as many categories as are relevant to your work.
If you have any questions while preparing your submission, do write to, and a representative from Gulf Learning will respond to them within 24 to 48 hours, except if a weekend.
It is mandatory for you to make a presentation of your products and their applications in the UAE (PowerPoint) which is required by you to email Gulf Learning. Gulf Learning will be forwarding your presentation to the judges for each of the categories you apply to before the event. PowerPoint presentation containing maximum 8 slides are recommended.
Verifiable data showing how significant performance was improved over the 'norm' including data sheets, EPC testing results and certificates (copies are accepted).
Projects can be either internal or external adaptations/ upgrades to existing buildings
Projects can include: hotels, commercial, residential, public, retail, healthcare, schools, warehouses
Buildings should be finished, commissioned and handed over before awards submission deadline.
Entries in the HVAC category will be by nomination only and any entrant in a project category is able to nominate the project client. Entrants can submit to all categories as long as they meet criteria for each category.
Energy use intensity before retrofit and after Depth of retrofit (application of maximum savings)
Showcase of full retrofit benefits after installation of your product
Description of energy efficiency measures
Overall simple payback period and ROI of your product
Energy and operational savings
Product Durability / Reliability
Indoor environmental quality
Verifiable data to support materials improvements
Verifiable data showing improved performance over other market products in your category, testing results, certificates, images, client testimonials etc.


The deadline for submission of entries is 6pm (UAE time, which is GMT+4), on the 25th of August, 2018. (Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered for evaluation.

If you have any questions while preparing your submission, do write to and a representative from Gulf Learning will get in touch.